The Sky Is Another Ocean

I made my own colour

A dainty blue, pastel layered

Marbled with midnight colour

It is my colour, sky,

My stars, me.


Her colour is similar,

It looks more beautiful. 

They love her colour

A deep sea and a lagoon

I am submerged in her colour

It is so beautiful.


I want to paint myself her colour.

I want to feel like her colour.

I know my blue is close, blue skies and waters.

A shade of difference, a nuance

I keep trying.


My sky clouds up, grey, rotting, falling,

Her ocean remains clear, azure crystal.

The breeze ruffles her waves

But shakes me, does not let me escape my blue.

I am stuck

I want to be displaced but it is killing me.


I realize

That blue cannot be me

Because this blue is me

I look at my blue.

It is a pretty blue. 


But under the light that falls on us

That blue shines more

It dances and glistens

The waves sing and roar.

She is ethereal.

While I flicker and fade.

Maybe later the light will change.

Or it will go out, and my stars will roar.


I like my blue.

I like her blue.

The ocean and the sky are different,

Both are beautiful.


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