Sky Siezed


The sky will arrive through your ear, your nose, your mouth,

It will swirl in your eyes: cloudy, starry, clear, maybe night.

It will quench your brain; sit in its crevices and hollows.

Settle down in the cavity of your heart

Fall at your knees

Rush to the tips of your fingers.


Blue threads, pink streaked, orange sunset,

Black waves, hiding stars, current of moonshine.


It may thunder once

Rain a few times

Lightning illuminating the sky

And chunks of ice might smash against your ribs.

Or sky might swim as a gentle breeze, as blood.


Still it is the same sky-

The same sky that enters us all.

We fall in the same sky 

We fly in the same sky,

The oceans collect

The mountains gather

To touch the same sky.


And we’re all the same-

We’re all painted sky.

Wisps, drops and patches of sky.


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