A carnival of some sort had grown:

Stalls lined the streets in a smile,

Light danced above; a jeweled crown.


The shops were painted:

Eccentric, electric, mystic.

And flags hung above, like tropical birds,

A melody that clung like a scent.


Moons were arranged on table tops,

A purple orb, a giant disk, shining twin rocks.

Another shop had a tray of masks,

A looping frown, a crescent laugh.

Then there were wings. 

And chimes and shells and flowers and

Gardens and streams and hills and –

All could be found there.

And all was lost there.


It was all made of mirror, of dreams.

But then Earth caught up; the others entered,

The mirrors clouded, weren’t themselves,

They refused to obey. But-

The others had come in with hammers and time.

          The mirrors were smashed.

                         The shops cascaded down

                                  The melody screamed and died.

And by the time it was all done,

Only dust lingered in the air.


The imagination withered and there was no more rain.


Sky Siezed


The sky will arrive through your ear, your nose, your mouth,

It will swirl in your eyes: cloudy, starry, clear, maybe night.

It will quench your brain; sit in its crevices and hollows.

Settle down in the cavity of your heart

Fall at your knees

Rush to the tips of your fingers.


Blue threads, pink streaked, orange sunset,

Black waves, hiding stars, current of moonshine.


It may thunder once

Rain a few times

Lightning illuminating the sky

And chunks of ice might smash against your ribs.

Or sky might swim as a gentle breeze, as blood.


Still it is the same sky-

The same sky that enters us all.

We fall in the same sky 

We fly in the same sky,

The oceans collect

The mountains gather

To touch the same sky.


And we’re all the same-

We’re all painted sky.

Wisps, drops and patches of sky.

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